Creating memories for families make me feel so complete and happy.

Like most photographers, having kids are what inspired me to be a photographer. I wanted to capture every moment in their lives and not just with my smart phone. I bought a beginner camera and learned all the basics. After I “mastered” the basics I knew I was ready for a big girl camera so I upgraded and started photographing friends and their kids for fun. This hobby quickly turned into a passion. I was a full-time dog groomer for 7 years and I was just getting so bored and tired of it. I was SO lucky and thankful to have been able to find a part-time Associate photographer position with a local photographer.

Working with her I got the experience of second shooting weddings, babies, and families. I found out my favorite genre and true passion was babies. I love everything about pregnancy, birth, and newborn babies. This is what I enjoyed the most and what put me in my happy place. After a year of internship I branched off just solely focusing on maternity, birth, fresh 48, and newborn photography. Of course watching them grow is an amazing bonus. I took a leap of faith and quit my full-time job and just started doing photography full time. That was one of the BEST decision I have ever made!


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